Please note: Instructors who are new to DU or new to using a learning management system, should not use Blackboard. The University of Denver is transitioning to Canvas and Blackboard will be unsupported after the Spring quarter, 2015.

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Blackboard is a course management system that DU faculty use to supplement on campus courses or deliver online courses. The Office of Teaching & Learning provides training and support for Blackboard.  More than half of all DU instructors teach with Blackboard and adoption is growing every year. Many students have expectations that their instructors will be using Blackboard in their courses.



What can faculty do with Blackboard?

  • post student grades
  • post their syllabus
  • create online discussions
  • create a collaborative space for student groups
  • create wikis and blogs
  • create online tests & surveys and much more!

What students say about instructors who use Blackboard

“She had class notes posted with missing information so that when she lectured you weren’t scrambling to write everything down, but only fill in the details.”

“We post discussion ideas on the discussion board throughout the quarter and it is very helpful and convenient.”

“…Most grades that we receive are listed on Blackboard, it’s helpful because you know where you stand in the class and what your grade will look like.”

“We engaged in constant online discussion and quizzes were given online. The discussions in particular were effective.”

How can I learn more?

  • Get support for Blackboard at the OTL Knowledge Base.
  • Contact the Office of Teaching & Learning at 303.871.2084 or email to schedule a Blackboard orientation.
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