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DU CourseMedia™

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DU CourseMedia™ is a web-based tool for organizing and delivering high quality images, audio recordings, and video clips. Instructors have access to DU CourseMedia’s™ extensive multimedia repository. DU CourseMedia™ galleries, which are similar to PowerPoint presentations, can also include text slides, online discussions, and self-exams.

DU CourseMedia

DU CourseMedia

What can faculty do with DU CourseMedia™?

  • create high quality image, audio, and video presentations
  • display video clips in a Blackboard course
  • import videos from services like YouTube and Google Video
  • much, much more!

How can I get started?

Do you want to use DU CourseMedia in an upcoming course? To get started, visit the website at http://coursemedia.du.edu . We’ll be happy to give you some personal guidance when you’re ready to use DU CourseMedia, or we have great documentation on the support page so you can get started right away.

How can I learn more?

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