DU CourseMedia™

Website: http://coursemedia.du.edu

DU CourseMedia™ is a web-based tool for organizing and delivering high quality images, audio recordings and video clips. Instructors have access to DU CourseMedia’s™ extensive multimedia repository that includes over videos, images and audio works. DU CourseMedia™ galleries, which are similar to PowerPoint presentations.


DU CourseMedia

DU CourseMedia

What can faculty do with DU CourseMedia™?

  • create high quality image, audio, and video presentations
  • display video clips in a Canvas or Blackboard course
  • import videos from services like YouTube and Google Video
  • much, much more!

How can I get started?

To get started, visit the website at http://coursemedia.du.edu . Instructors have automatic access but students must be enrolled in a course that is using DU CourseMedia.

How can I learn more?

  • Get support for DU CourseMedia at the OTL Knowledge Base.
  • Contact the Alex Martinez at 303-871-4879 or email Alex.Martinez@du.edu

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