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Make text-based content available to my students


Canvas is the University of Denver’s new Learning Management System, which replaced Blackboard during the 2015 academic year.

Library physical reserves/e-reserves

Physical Reserves – Physical books and videos are available at the Main Library Lending Desk for a limited loan period.

Electronic Reserves – Articles, book chapters, syllabi, and other electronic documents made available in ARES through Canvas for your course(s).

Make copyrighted media (video, Images, and audio) available to my students

DU CourseMedia

DU CourseMedia™ is a web-based tool for instructors to share course media content (images, audio recordings, and video clips with their students. Several library e-reserve digital media resources are available online via DU CourseMedia’s™ extensive media repository.

Record my computer based presentation or tutorial

TechSmith Relay

Camtasia Relay allows DU faculty to create screencasts. Once recorded, a video is automatically produced and available for viewing online, on a mobile device, or just about anywhere.

Hold a live session online (office hours, guest speaker, virtual classes)


Use for live webinars, virtual classes, on-demand presentations, group collaboration, and multiuser text chat.

Gather feedback from my students during class time


Clicker technology is an effective way to promote interactive, engaged learning through classroom participation.

Allow students to post videos of themselves (giving a presentation, playing music, performing)

DU VideoManager

DU VideoManager is a web-based video storage and delivery software created specifically for the DU community. More than just simply uploading and viewing video, DU VideoManager allows for both student and instructor comments making for an engaging learning experience.

Hold an asynchronous (not-live) discussion with my students

Canvas Discussions

Asynchronous discussions may be used to facilitate and promote critical thinking. The Canvas discussion board allows both students and instructors to start and contribute to discussion topics.

Create a space for student groups to collaborate on a project

Canvas Groups

Groups function like smaller versions of your course and provide students with a collaborative workspace to share files, collaborate on activities, and prepare group assignments.

Create a space for students to write essays, journals, or upload filesSection

Canvas Assignments

Assignments provide opportunities for students to demonstrate comprehension of course material.

Instructor feedback on assignments submitted in Canvas is provided to students using SpeedGrader, an inline-grading tool that eliminates the need to download and export files to a word processor. Grades entered in SpeedGrader are automatically sent to the Gradebook allowing students to see their scores, reviewer comments, and feedback.

Have my students to post their work (text, Word documents, pictures, or video) on a DU website

DU Portfolio

DU Portfolio is a web-based application that provides electronic portfolios for students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

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