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Academic Technology
Find the Right Technology

Find the right technology for your teaching and learning goals

Watch an overview of some of the more popular academic technology applications that the OTL supports

I need…

Supportive technologies…

*Each technology choice below has specific benefits and limitations. Please contact the OTL to discuss the pros and cons of these choices for your particular needs.

to make text-based content available to my students


Library physical reserves/e-reserves

to make copyrighted media (video, images and audio) available to my students

DU CourseMedia

to record my computer based presentation or tutorial

Camtasia Relay

Camtasia Studio (contact us for license information)

to hold a live session online (webinar with students, with a guest speaker)

Adobe Connect

to gather feedback from my students during class time


my students to post videos of themselves (giving a presentation, playing music, performing)

DU VideoManager

to hold an asynchronous (not-live) discussion with my students

Blackboard discussion forums

a space for my student groups to collaborate on a project

Blackboard wiki tool

commercial wiki tools

Google Document

a space for students to write essays, reflections,


to bring in a virtual guest speaker to my class

Adobe Connect, Skype

my students to post their work (text, Word documents, pictures or video) on a DU website

DU Portfolio

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