Can students learn Italian culture through cinema?

Can students learn Italian culture through cinema?

Yes, according to Roberta Waldbaum Ph.D., who teaches several Italian courses at DU including Tpcs: Cinematic Rome where students are exposed to Italian culture and language.

Professor Roberta Waldbaum

“In my years of language teaching, I’ve found that if the professor provides solid background information and then encourages student creativity, the results are often astonishing, demonstrating student learning outcomes in a whole new way. Now that we have access to DU CourseMedia and a large number of Italian films, students have easily incorporated them into their presentations.”
Italian Students

DU Italian students presenting their foreign cinema projects.

For this class activity, students conducted research on a specific topic in Italian literature and film, watched several classic and contemporary Italian films, analyzed the content, and then produced a group presentation in Italian. The high level of student engagement using multimedia content provided students with a rich learning experience.

Italian student presentation

Students improve their foreign language skills by researching classic Italian films using DU CourseMedia.

DU CourseMedia has several foreign films for DU instructors to use for their courses. Instructors can browse and select films for their students to watch on their own time. Contact the Office of Teaching and Learning or visit our Education Technology Knowledge Base if you would like to know more about DU CourseMedia.

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