Canvas Frequently Asked Questions

Canvas Frequently Asked Questions

As we reach the mid-point of the fall quarter and start to prepare for the winter quarter, here are answers to some frequently asked questions the OTL receives about Canvas. If you need more information or have other questions, Canvas help is available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email by clicking on the Help icon in the left Canvas navigation menu.


Q. Why can’t I see this course in Canvas?

A. Either the instructor has not published the course, the student is not enrolled, the course has ended (4 weeks after final grades are due) or they need to go to Courses > All Courses in Canvas to add it to their dashboard by clicking on the little ‘star’ icon.


Q. What’s the deal with seeing my course in PioneerWeb?

A. The Pioneerweb ‘My courses’ menu is actually pulling from Canvas. If the course is not published or the student is not enrolled, they won’t see it in Canvas either. Students should access Canvas directly rather than relying on the My Courses menu, because they will see upcoming courses under the All Courses menu in Canvas.


Q. I can’t login to Canvas.

A. UTS can reset Canvas passwords.


Q. Something isn’t working in Canvas, what’s a quick tip?

A. Many problems are solved by trying another browser. Chrome has worked well with Canvas, while Internet Explorer and Edge have not worked well.



Q. How do I copy material from my old course?

A. From the new Canvas course, follow these steps to import your content.


Q. How do I cross-list my course or combine multiple sections into one Canvas container?

A. Follow these steps or contact the Registrar.


Q. How do I use Course Reserves with Canvas?

A. The library staff can assist with Course Reserves.


Q. How do I contact my students before the course starts?

A. This Knowledge Base article provides details for how to contact your students before classes begin.

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