CourseMedia: December 2017 Release

CourseMedia: December 2017 Release

The Office of Teaching and Learning released a new version of the CourseMedia system on December 14th, 2017. While this release was mainly focused on backend work that will not be apparent to the user – we did find time to add a few features to this release:

  • Video Clip Editor: We now show the [CC] button when captions are available. Previously, this would only be displayed on playback.
  • Video Clip Editor: Allow instructors to define custom clip titles from the editor.
  • MMS ID: We now allow all users to see and use the MMS ID field. This is a unique identifier in the system that allows reference to a specific record.
  • Gallery Items: We now display the full title on mouseover.
  • Search Results: We now display the full title on mouseover.
  • System Announcement: This is a new feature which allows OTL to display an announcement to CourseMedia users within the system.
  • System Alert: Similar to the system announcement, this allows OTL to broadcast an immediate alert to CourseMedia users within the system and through Canvas.
  • Personal Images: Now include a “citation” field for users to cite the source of any personal image uploads.
  • Search: Links to course reserves will appear if no results are returned.
  • Legal: We’ve included verbiage about fair use and copyright where appropriate, along with resources for users.
  • Projection System: Updated to work along with changes in CourseMedia itself – and to work more consistently with external media services.
  • Responsive Display: Tweaked the logic behind responsive view adjustments for various screen sizes.

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