DU Portfolio: December 2016 Update

DU Portfolio: December 2016 Update

The Office of Teaching and Learning has released a major update to the DU Portfolio system early this morning. Long time users of DU Portfolio will see some significant additions and enhancements as even more customization options are now available. We’ve also spent considerable time on both visual and procedural refinements.


So what’s new?

  • The ability to place Page navigation along the top or side of your portfolio.
  • The ability to hide your portfolio banner.
  • The ability to apply a custom color to Item titles.
  • The ability to specify descriptive alternate text for image accessibility purposes.
  • The ability to copy single items.
  • The ability to copy entire Pages and Categories including all items within.
  • Folders and Albums now appear as a separate view and not within a modal overlay.
  • Folders and Albums are now link-able.
  • Department Template Pages can now include custom security groups.
  • Departments can run basic reports on their Template Page usage.
  • Clarification of policy, rights, and usage language in various places.
  • Revisions to Help / About views.
  • Many improvements to speed up data and file retrieval.
  • An update of all front-end functional and display libraries.
  • Removal of support for Internet Explorer 10 and under. We recommend the latest Chrome, Firefox, or Edge browsers.
  • Miscellaneous other bug fixes and enhancements.

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