DU Portfolio News

DU Portfolio News

The OTL is pleased to announce the release of a brand-new DU Portfolio system – now available for all DU community members to use.

DU Portfolio 2013

The DU Portfolio is a popular web application which allows DU students, staff, faculty, and alumni to build up their own personal portfolios and participate in community portfolios using an uncomplicated, yet powerful interface. When the OTL originally developed the DU Portfolio Community back in 2002, it worked quite well across all screens… because the only screens around were attached to desktop computers. The variety of web-enabled devices since that time has exploded – and systems such as Portfolio must adapt.

Mobile DU Portfolio 2013In order to keep this popular teaching and learning resource relevant, the OTL has been working to build a new version of the Portfolio system from the ground up and embrace these changes in technology. The rebuilt Portfolio employs responsive web design concepts which enable the structure and content to easily adapt to any screen; whether it is viewed on desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. Every aspect of the system has been re-examined with simplicity and usability in mind.

Students use Portfolio to organize and display course work they are proud of. When graduation approaches, they can build out a professional portfolio – seeking out targeted employment.

Faculty use Portfolio to showcase their credentials, publications, and research activities. Some have used it to make certain course materials available to students. It is also useful for students researching colleges to discover just what their potential instructors are like.

Staff members use Portfolio to showcase their work at DU and to participate in community portfolios.

Alumni use Portfolio to retain a public presence at DU and to participate in various community organizations.

Even though all of your data from the old system has been preserved, we suggest that everyone take some time to edit the items in each portfolio as certain items are represented differently in the new system to allow for this more modern, responsive design.

The OTL has authored a number of useful documents and video recordings in our knowledge base which can assist you in getting started with your Portfolio – and even help when transitioning from the previous Portfolio system.

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