DU Portfolio Updates – June 2018

DU Portfolio Updates – June 2018

The OTL is pleased to announce a major update to DU Portfolio! The largest change in this release is that we’ve completely redesigned how the banner area of a portfolio is managed and customized. There is now a dedicated area for any tasks dealing with banner content. In addition, you now have complete control over the upload and cropping of your banner background and personal photo. Anything that has to do with the banner can all be controlled from a single, highly usable area accessible from our new control bar. The control bar replaces the previous edit and management button overlays within the banner area – provided a much cleaner experience!

Here is a rundown of what’s new for this release:

  • Banner management area – extended banner control options
  • Portfolio management option have been relocated from within the banner area to above it into a much more usable control bar
  • Banner alignment options: left, center, or right alignment for banner content
  • Social media badges have been relocated to the top of the portfolio, beneath the banner
  • Dedicated Embed item type: more easily embed external services within your portfolio
  • Dedicated Inline PDF item type: upload PDF for rendering inline
  • Updated cropping library for both banner and personal photo uploads
  • When not using a banner background – the banner is more integrated into your portfolio
  • Item security settings can now be changed from the Page level
  • Community Portfolio member management options are now located beneath a portfolio
  • You can now view all Featured Portfolios from a link on the login page
  • Overall DU Portfolio background is lighter – no more “brown” color
  • Miscellaneous other tweaks and improvements

These features include many that have been directly requested by faculty, staff, and students over the past 6 months. We hope you enjoy these updates!

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