Faculty Showcase: Cultivating Community in Online Classes

Faculty Showcase: Cultivating Community in Online Classes

Jae McQueen and Stephanie Begun from the Graduate School of Social Work kicked off our final Faculty Showcase series for 2015 on November 18, 2015. This faculty showcase was based on a Image of Policy Course Conversion Posterposter  they presented at the 2015 Council of Social Work Education conference.

Jae and Stephanie described how and why they converted a successful face-to-face social policy course into a fully online course. They also shared why they believe cultivating community is important and shared examples of how they built community in an online classroom.  This faculty showcase was recorded and you can check out the recording below.

<div style="font-size: 11px;"]Faculty Showcase: Cultivating Community in Online Courses

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  • By Barb Stuart 29 Aug 2016

    This is so very helpful, full of practical applications not only for online but also for F2F and not only for social work but for all of us. Your talk makes these ideas very accessible. Thank you. I wish that the powerpt was available to those of us seeing it later. I would like to try your approach and have the ppts as back up (Anything else? How about ____________?). A class mascot, what a great idea! It is a bit hard to hear some of the Q&A at the end. Could you repeat the questions or put them up and/or move the mic? I don’t want to miss one word of your thinking. Thanks also to your participants who added so much value – what is your favorite food? I think there may never be enough brave space, across all disciplines. This is the first time I heard this term. We have so much to learn from you. We loved *hearing* about this.

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