OneNewThing Grant: Career counseling intervention videos

OneNewThing Grant: Career counseling intervention videos

What were you trying to change or solve? Identify the aspect of teaching and/or learning that you were attempting to improve or the challenge you were attempting to address by implementing your project.

Because my Career Counseling course had been transitioned to an online course, I felt there were several things that were being missed that I needed to find a way to bring back. For example, I missed demonstrating career counseling techniques or interventions during class periods. Students had provided feedback that watching me show how to complete a career card sort or work through a career genogram were incredibly valuable. During class periods, I would also invite students to practice the interventions with their peers. While students could be practicing on their own time, I had no way to confirm that! Finally, students accompanied myself to a homeless shelter during their last class period where they would conduct a career counseling session with at least one technique or intervention that they learned in class. Their final papers were case conceptualizations based on these sessions. I perceived that these things would be difficult to include with the new online format, but I realized that variations of these things would still be possible with the support of the Office of Teaching and Learning.

What did you do? Briefly explain your technique/strategy/idea/tool/activity. Include a description of what the students did differently (for example; how they interacted with you, each other, and/or the learning environment) and your role.

Prior to the OTL OneNewThing mini grant, my lectures included no videos related to the techniques and interventions in career counseling (unless I was able to track one down on YouTube!). My proposal was to create a series of videos of myself demonstrating career counseling techniques and interventions for students to have a better understanding of the material. Specifically for the grant, I started with one video of a career counseling intervention – a card sort.  Learning how easy it could be through completing the experience myself, I asked my students to record a part of their mock career counseling session that would demonstrate a technique or interventions so I would be able to better evaluate their understanding of the course content. These short clips were uploaded to DU VideoManager by the students.

How did it go, and what did you learn? Describe how the students responded, what learning improvements you see or can infer, the aspects of the method that were most difficult or surprising, and the potential challenges that others might face. What advice would you give to someone and/or what would you do differently next time?

As I mentioned, the card sort video was surprisingly easy to create (with the support of the Office of Teaching and Learning, of course!) so I was encouraged to ask the students to complete their own videos! I provided them with information from the Office of Teaching and Learning that had helped me create that video and instructed them where to upload their videos. Based on feedback from the students, they enjoyed my video on the career counseling intervention and they appreciated the feedback that I was able to provide on their short clips! I am really looking forward to adding more videos and continuing to assign the video clip of students’ career counseling interventions for their final assignment!

Skills Card Sorting

Jessica D. Bartley PsyD, LCSW, CC-AASP
Behavioral Health Consultant/Staff Psychologist
Health and Counseling Center
University of Denver

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