OTL conference attendees share ideas to promote self-directed learning

OTL conference attendees share ideas to promote self-directed learning

The OTL Conference in April gathered nearly 150 DU faculty and staff members to discuss ideas and best practice around Empowering Students to be Self-Directed Learners.



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What did participants gain from the conference?

  • We have pulled together a list of specific ideas and teaching methods that participants gained at this conference.
  • Based on the conference survey, many participants enjoyed networking with colleagues across campus, hearing the experiences of other DU instructors through the panel and poster sessions, and gaining awareness of this issue along with practical ideas to use in their classes.
  • We also heard your feedback that you would have appreciated even more opportunities for interaction, and that afternoon coffee is a must!



What now?

We don’t want to lose the momentum and excitement around this topic, and we asked participants what further support they would like to see to keep a focus on self-directed learning at DU. Based on your feedback, we’ve put a few things in place and others are in the planning stages.

  • A new webpage on our site explains self-directed learning and provides resources and examples.
  • Those who attended the conference will receive an end-of-year follow up email asking them to share anything they have tried out and the results.
  • Many OTL staff members have spent the last year reading about and exploring methods for encouraging self-directed learning. Feel free to contact us to brainstorm ideas or set up a time to review a particular assignment or method.
  • We have plans to offer some follow up sessions next year, including short workshops focused on specific methods and informal faculty working groups.


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