Spring 2017 CourseMedia Playback Updates

Spring 2017 CourseMedia Playback Updates

The OTL has updated our media playback modules within CourseMedia as of April the 4th, 2017.


Revised and updated tools include the Audio and Video playback components… and a complete revision of the video clip editor. All of these updated modules are available via Canvas and CourseMedia itself and include the following improvements:

  • JWPlayer core updated to version 7.10
  • All playback defaults to using Flash Player for improved media delivery (with fallback to native browser)
  • All 3 modules rewritten from basic HTML/CSS/JS and Angular2 to Vue.js 2
  • Video Playback now only shows the expanse of the clip constraints and not the full video duration
  • General improvements to Audio Playback module
  • Video Clip Editor completely rewritten to be much more visually usable
  • Video Clip Editor includes captions and subtitles for video titles (when available)
  • General tweaks and fixes

Here is a quick overview video from a Canvas perspective:

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