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The University Libraries team is looking at updating their workflow process for streaming films for academic courses. Below are some important questions and answers to help understand the new process and upcoming changes.

Is DU CourseMedia going away?

No, not anytime soon. We have thousands of media galleries created by faculty members that are critical for teaching particular courses. DU CourseMedia is the management and delivery mechanism for various digital content, not just films, which are driving the current concern from a copyright perspective. Any future transition to another media sharing technology will include extensive research, several meetings and clear communication to all DU CourseMedia users.

Will the Libraries remove my current films from my DU CourseMedia gallery?

No, the Libraries will not be removing your current course content without first having a discussion with you to find possible alternatives. They are analyzing the approximately 8,300 films available and working with several vendors to find ways of delivering the content through licensing. Their goal is to provide you what you need with as little disruption to your teaching as possible.

Will I still be able to request new films to be digitized?

Yes, however, starting August 31st 2018 each new request will be reviewed by the Libraries to determine if the video is available through streaming services, either by licensing them to the campus, or individuals. They will only be able to digitize new films in very narrow circumstances in order to put the service on safer copyright footing. Unfortunately, in some cases, relying on analog technology (DVDs) may be the only option available.

What types of video streaming resources and services do the Libraries provide?

Please visit these two resources to learn more about using licensed and free video content for your course(s). The Libraries are actively planning expanding access to titles through many of these services, so expect them to grow in the coming months.


Please contact Jack Maness at if you would like to know more.

As you may know, CourseMedia is a course media management system that helps instructors organize and present media materials (images, video and audio). On August 10 2016, a new DU CourseMedia system was rolled out to the DU academic community.

This is the biggest software update to CourseMedia in years and we encourage instructors to become familiar with the new system. Here are the 5 biggest changes to CourseMedia:

  1. Instructors must share their CourseMedia content with their students via Canvas.
  2. Existing CourseMedia galleries are now organized by Groups and Personal galleries.
  3. Some old CourseMedia was removed from the system due to copyright issues. Please verify that all your old CourseMedia content is still working.
  4. CourseMedia can now search and embed Kanopy videos, a DU library video subscription of 26,000+ videos.
  5. CourseMedia content is now iPad friendly.

Additional information on new changes to CourseMedia can be found on our KnowledgeBase.

If you would like further help with Canvas/CourseMedia content, please contact our office for assistance at or at 303-871-2084.

DU CourseMedia has a fresh look and feel.

DU CourseMedia has a fresh look and feel.

DU CourseMedia


DU CourseMedia is an online system that helps instructors discover, organize and present course media materials (images, video and audio). Instructors can create media galleries that can be accessed by their students in Canvas. Instructors have access to large collection of art and world history images, library reserve videos and audio works.

DU CourseMedia

DU CourseMedia

What can faculty do with DU CourseMedia?

  • Create high quality image and video presentations for your students.
  • Share media (video, audio and photos) with students via Canvas. *
  • Access, view and share the library video collection with your course students.
  • Create video clips on-the-fly using an online media editor tool.
  • Upload your own images into a gallery.
  • Import external video (YouTube, PBS, Vimeo, CNN, NPR, FoxNews) into a gallery.
  • Supports complex language characters (Russian, Korean, Arabic etc…).
  • Move or copy galleries to other instructor.
  • Assign course students to create their own personal research galleries. View Video

Here are the big changes to CourseMedia that DU instructors should know about:

  • Instructors must share their CourseMedia content with their students via Canvas. View Videos
  • CourseMedia can now search and embed Kanopy videos, a DU library video subscription of 26,000+ videos.
  • CourseMedia content is now iPad friendly.
  • Instructors must update their old CourseMedia/Canvas embed codes.  The old embed codes will stop working Summer 2017.
  • If DU instructors need help updating their Canvas/CourseMedia content, please contact our GTA office workers for assistance at
  • If you have used CourseMedia in the past, please visit the new CourseMedia and verify if all  your materials are still working correctly.

How can I get started?

To get started, visit the website at Instructors have automatic access but students must be enrolled in a Canvas course that is using DU CourseMedia. Art History students can access the CourseMedia website directly.

As an instructor, how do I request a new video for DU CourseMedia?

If you are an instructor, email the library reserves department at When making the request, please ensure to provide as much detail as possible about the video, including date, director, and language. Also, be sure to search the repository before making your request. There is a chance that your video has already been requested by another instructor in the past

How can I learn more?

  • Get support for DU CourseMedia at the OTL Knowledge Base.
  • Contact or call us 303-871-2084


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