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The University Libraries team is looking at updating their workflow process for streaming films for academic courses. Below are some important questions and answers to help understand the new process and upcoming changes.

Is DU CourseMedia going away?

No, not anytime soon. We have thousands of media galleries created by faculty members that are critical for teaching particular courses. DU CourseMedia is the management and delivery mechanism for various digital content, not just films, which are driving the current concern from a copyright perspective. Any future transition to another media sharing technology will include extensive research, several meetings and clear communication to all DU CourseMedia users.

Will the Libraries remove my current films from my DU CourseMedia gallery?

No, the Libraries will not be removing your current course content without first having a discussion with you to find possible alternatives. They are analyzing the approximately 8,300 films available and working with several vendors to find ways of delivering the content through licensing. Their goal is to provide you what you need with as little disruption to your teaching as possible.

Will I still be able to request new films to be digitized?

Yes, however, starting August 31st 2018 each new request will be reviewed by the Libraries to determine if the video is available through streaming services, either by licensing them to the campus, or individuals. They will only be able to digitize new films in very narrow circumstances in order to put the service on safer copyright footing. Unfortunately, in some cases, relying on analog technology (DVDs) may be the only option available.

What types of video streaming resources and services do the Libraries provide?

Please visit these two resources to learn more about using licensed and free video content for your course(s). The Libraries are actively planning expanding access to titles through many of these services, so expect them to grow in the coming months.


Please contact Jack Maness at if you would like to know more.

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