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The next time you visit DU Assessment, you will see a user-friendly layout that the Office of Teaching and Learning reworked to improve your assessment experience. We heard from many program managers that the data collection process was too restrictive and many times did not fit within each program’s unique workflow. This version of DU Assessment no longer has these restrictions, allowing each program to choose whatever data collection tools and procedures work best for their individual situations. We’ve also improved a number of other areas that have proven to be most useful from the process of program assessment at the University of Denver.

Here are a few things you can do with the new DU Assessment:

  • Use DU Assessment as a one-stop shop where you can design a blueprint for assessment, submit reports that celebrate the successes of your program, and access resources to learn more about assessment.
  • Communicate with the director of assessment through the DU Assessment message center. No need to search for lost or misplaced emails anymore!
  • Meet our inaugural cohort of Assessment Fellows, a team of faculty and staff who can offer consultations about making assessment more meaningful and manageable.

The Office of Teaching & Learning has worked diligently to streamline the assessment process, so we hope you find this new iteration of DU Assessment easier to navigate. If you have any questions, please contact the director of academic assessment by emailing or calling (303) 871-6012. Thank you so much!


Rob Flaherty

Because of the close ties between teaching, learning and assessment, the OTL now includes academic program assessment as part of its responsibilities. The new Director of Academic Assessment, Dr. Rob Flaherty, joined the OTL staff on October 3, 2013.

Rob has a PhD in social psychology, and his background includes 10 years as a faculty member (two as department chair) as well as several years of administrative experience with faculty development and assessment. Find out more about Rob by viewing his portfolio page:

Like all of us in the OTL, Rob is here to help (not just to collect reports). The role of the Director of Academic Assessment is to provide guidance and consultation to all academic programs at the University. For more on the purpose and function of program assessment at DU, please visit the assessment page on the OTL website. Additional resources on assessment are also available on a new assessment portfolio site:

Rob is located just around the corner from the OTL in room 317 in the Anderson Academic Commons. Drop in and say hi (or reach him by email: or phone: 1-6012).

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