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10 Sep 2014

Dr. James Platt

“Don’t be afraid to sign up for this valuable workshop even if you are a technology novice as I was. The TOW faculty were exceptionally helpful, understanding, and patient with those of us who were “technologically challenged.”

03 Sep 2014

Dr. Omar Gudino

“Participating in the TOW helped me recognize what quality online learning looks like and changed my perception of online courses for the better. As a student in this online workshop, I was able to experience firsthand how thoughtful course design and judicious use of multimedia tools can come together to create a rich learning environment. Practically speaking, the TOW also provided a fantastic opportunity to develop a course with thoughtful feedback and ongoing support from the instructors and my colleagues. The TOW is a wonderful resource for any instructor who is new to online teaching.”

“Having the opportunity to be a student in an online learning environment was really valuable. I experienced firsthand how helpful it is to receive information about the learning modality and course organization early on, to ensure that students know what to expect before tackling course content.”

“The TOW was invaluable in preparing me to teach my first online course. The workshop provided a wealth of resources and strategies for teaching online, as well as opportunities to experiment with specific tools and approaches in a supportive environment. Most helpful, though, was the incredible amount of personal attention and feedback provided by the instructors. I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering teaching online.”

“While demanding, the Teaching Online Workshop is well worth the effort it takes. Beyond learning how to negotiate Canvas and being introduced to the Quality Matters Program for online course design, you receive astonishingly detailed feedback as you build your course from instructors who have terrific pedagogical instincts, who review your materials with tremendous care, and who offer invaluable suggestions and strategies for improvement.”

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