Use the Canvas Due Date Modifier to Update your Summer Course!

Use the Canvas Due Date Modifier to Update your Summer Course!

You can modify all of your course due dates in one place and perform the following tasks:

  •     Add or modify the course start and end dates
  •     Add or modify the dues dates for assignments, discussions, and quizzes
  •     Add or modify the availability dates

Screenshot of Due Date Modifer Tool

The Due Date Modifier does not currently support changing due dates for different sections within a course. This is a future that we hope to add in the future although we are not sure when it will happen.

Modify Dates with Due Date Modifer

Tell me how

Before you can use the Due Date Modifer, you must add the Multi Tool to the navigation menu in your Canvas course. By default, the Multi Tool is hidden because it is only used when setting up the course. Students cannot view or access the Multi Tool when it is enabled in your course.

To add the Multi Tool, follow these steps:

  1. On the course navigation menu, click Settings.
  2. On the Settings page, click the Navigation tab.
  3. On the Navigation tab, drag the Multi Tool item from
    the list of hidden items (on the bottom) to the list of available items.
  4. Click Save.

Learn more about the Multi-Tool


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