What is BioSig-ID?

BioSig-ID is a biometric signature technology for identity verification in Canvas. Students use a mouse, stylus or touchpad to draw a unique 4 digit password/passcode for the purpose of authenticating their identity in your Canvas course.  At any point in your course when you want the student to verify their identity (weekly, before an exam, discussion, or  assignment submission), you will assign an Identity Challenge using the BioSig-ID Admin tool. Once the student completes the challenge, they can view the content, take the exam, or write in the discussion

When should I use BioSig-ID?

  • You are teaching a fully online course: one where the students do not meet in person
  • Your course is set up specifically within Canvas to allow BioSig-ID operation
    • The course layout is designed to use the Modules menu
    • The course navigation menus Assignments, Discussions, Files and Pages area hidden from student view so that students must use the Modules menu to access the content
    • All content is created and visible in the course, but the course is not yet published and available to students

The Office of Teaching and Learning works with individual faculty to set up their course in Canvas. It is quick process but has a few steps: adding a student initial registration link, help text, videos and additional information in the course syllabus, then choosing the location of the Identity Challenges.

Once the course is set up, the student experience is straightforward.

  • Students will click on a registration link within Canvas to create a BioSig-ID and use their mouse or stylus to draw a 4 digit password between 3 and 5 times to capture their unique handwriting style. This initial registration is what BioSig-ID uses to compare their identity within the course.
  • At certain Identity Challenges that the instructor designates within Canvas, students authenticate by drawing their BioSig-ID 4 digit password again to reveal the course content.

Please contact Kathy Keairns or Benjamin Johnson in the Office of Teaching & Learning for additional information.