For instructors looking for more robust lecture capture and video options, Camtasia Studio gives you the power to easily record your screen, PowerPoint presentations, voice, and Web camera video to create compelling video tutorials, training presentations, and rich sales demonstrations for Web and CD-ROM delivery.

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Currently, DU does not offer Camtasia Studio for faculty, but you can purchase your own copy.  View Camtasia Studio’s discounts for educators.


The Office of Teaching and Learning is now offering instructors a license for Camtasia Studio, provided they are willing to share some of their work with the OTL to be featured as a faculty Showcase on the OTL website. Here are the steps for procuring a license:

  1. Instructor downloads the trial version of Camtasia Studio or Camtasia for Mac (
  2. After spending some time with the trial version, the instructor should make an appointment with Alex Karklins ( to go over their plans for how they want to use Studio in their teaching. Alex will provide them with training and tips as well. We want to ensure that instructors are planning on using some of the more robust features of Studio (like combining various media sources, or adding interactive content to their screencasts), rather than using it only as a clip editor.
  3. Instructor agrees to share examples of their work with the Office of Teaching and Learning. Their screencasts may then be featured on the OTL website.
  4. Instructor is provided with a license for the full version of Camtasia Studio or Camtasia for Mac. The OTL will keep track of who is using each license.

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