Common questions and tips for uploading your video into DU VideoManager.

Test your video before uploading it into DU VideoManager.  Make sure the audio and video are good before you upload. If you are using some type of video software program (iMovie or Windows Movie Maker), make sure you export the video to your computer desktop first. Open the video using a video player to confirm that your video plays correctly.

Why is my video taking so long to upload from home?
Upload file speeds are usually very slow using Comcast or CenturyLink. We recommend that you upload large video files from the DU campus or some other location that has fast Internet upload speed. Decreasing the file size of your video is also very helpful.

What is the video file size limit for uploading?
Currently we have a 3GB file limit for on campus uploads and a 1GB for off campus.

How do I shrink my large video?
To shrink your video file size down, download the free version of HandBrake – and convert your video into .mp4 and then upload the .mp4 video into DU VideoManager. We recommend that your video be compressed down to 900 kpbs. Click here for HandBrake instructions.

Can someone help me with my video?  Yes, bring your video over to the Academic Commons – Media Center They can help you make sure your video is in the correct video format for uploading.

Can I upload directly from an iPhone?
No, we recommend that you copy your video off your phone over to your computer and then upload it to DU VideoManager.  Click here for instructions.

Safari 5 using Snow Leopard.
If you are using an older Mac using Snow Leopard with Safari 5, download another web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox to upload your video file into DU VideoManager.

What video formats are supported?
DU VideoManager accepts these video file formats: mp4 | m4v | mov | avi | flv | f4v | mts | mpg | mpeg | 3gp | 3gpp | wmv | ogg | ogv | webm . All uploaded videos are converted to mp4.


Who to contact?
The Office of Teaching and Learning manages DU VideoManager. For additional questions, please contact:


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