A “Video Group” in DU VideoManager allows faculty members to create private video collections that are course or research-related. For instance, an instructor might create a video group to allow their students to upload and share their videos for review and commenting. Our video “comment / bookmark” feature allows video group members to add comments on the video timeline.

What does this work?

  • Instructor logs into DU VideoManager using their DU ID account.
  • Instructor clicks the “Create a Video Group” button.
  • Instructor can add their students by using their DU ID numbers or by using the course CRN number.
  • Video Group have the option for all members to see and comment on videos or for only the instructor to see student videos.
  • Students log into DU VideoManager using their DU ID account.
  • Students will see their Video Group when they log in.
  • Students upload their video(s) by clicking the “Upload Video to Group” button. It’s highly recommended that videos get upload from the DU campus in order to quickly upload the video.
  • The Video Group manager “Instructor” is notified by email automatically after the student has uploaded their video.
  • The Video Group manager can add video comments along the video timeline.
  • Students can view their video with instructor comments.
  • After the course is over, all group videos can easily be deleted once the course is completed.

Video GroupExample

Common Questions About Video Groups

As a DU instructor, can I create a video group?
Yes, DU faculty and staff members can create a video group. Log into DU VideoManager, go to the “I want to..” menu and click “Create a Group.”

Can my class be easily enrolled into a video group ?
Yes, using your course CRN number.  A video group can represent an entire class or small student groups in one class. A Group can be as large or small as you want to make it. You can invite any DU member to be part of a Group.

How do I get my students into a Group?
You have three options:

  • Use the course CRN/Term Code to batch import your entire class.
  • Add the student ID number into the box labeled “Add New Members.”
  • Email the special Group invite web link to students.

Who’s allowed to see group videos?
Only members of a group can view group videos. In addition, we have two group privacy options. The default option only allows the Group managers and the student who uploaded the video to view and comment on the video. The second privacy option allows the group’s manager and members to view and comment on videos in that video group.

Can students use their own video cameras?
Yes, students can use their own video cameras, such as a digital camera, computer webcam, cell phone or tablet device. Note that some cameras take high quality video so your video file might have to be reduced before uploading.

Can I easily delete my video group when my course is over?
Yes, click the “Delete” button located on the group management page. This action will delete all videos that belong to the group.

Who’s allowed to delete a group video?
Group managers and the person who uploaded the video are allowed to delete a video(s).

Can I post group videos into my Canvas course?
No, due to the privacy concerns with student videos, we do not allow videos to be shared on other websites.

Can students add comments to a video?
Yes, students are allowed to make comments on their own videos or videos that are allowed to be viewed by all the group members.



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