VeriCite is a third-party plagiarism detection software that is embedded in Canvas: it compares student submission text to a vast database of material including published material, material on the web, and submissions by students at our institution and others.

Using VeriCite

VeriCite integrates with Canvas. To enable it, all you have to do is check a box and (optionally) click on the Advanced Settings when editing an assignment. You do not need to set up an account or go through any other website.


Screenshot showing the location of the VeriCite checkbox in an Assignment within Canvas.


The Advanced Settings allow you to set options for the VeriCite tool The last checkbox ‘store submissions in Institutional Index’ will capture the student’s submission permanently, so they cannot resubmit this paper to any other courses at the University of Denver without generating a potential ‘flag’ on their paper. The ‘Exclude Self Plagiarism’ box means that VeriCite will detect student’s own papers within your course, so they can submit multiple drafts without having a false positive score.


Screenshot of the advanced options for VeriCite in an Assignment within Canvas

VeriCite will then generate an originality report labeled Red, Orange, Yellow, Green or Blue based on the percentage of original material in the submission.  This will show up as a colored bubble with a percentage in the Canvas gradebook and Speedgrader.







Click the colored bubble to view the Originality Report. The originality report will open in a new web browser tab and highlight and color code the student’s source material on the left side of the screen against matched items in VeriCite’s database, on the right with hyperlinks to the source if published online.

Screenshot of VeriCite Originality Report



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