Instructors can use the Canvas Inbox tool to message students, but the course MUST be published in order for students to receive a Canvas Inbox message or an emailed Notification. 

  • These Canvas Inbox messages and email Notifications will NOT RESEND once the course is published.
  • If an instructor or TA sends a message before the course is published, they should resend it after publishing the course to ensure students receive it. Checking the ‘Sent’ folder in Canvas Inbox is not an indication that the message was received by the students.

If there are questions about whether a Canvas Inbox message was sent before the course was published, the Canvas Helpdesk can track the time the message was sent and the course status during that time.


Alternatively, professors can gather individual emails from PioneerWeb and email students using their email program.

Log into PioneerWeb

Click “Faculty” tab

Click the envelope icon for the class you want to email

PioneerWeb find emails

This will take you to the “Summary Class List” page in myWeb. Scroll down and click the “Display Email List” button.

Display Email List

The page will load a “Class List Email Listing” with addresses of all the students in the class. You can paste them into the “To:” field in the email client of your choice.

Class List emails