Adobe Connect allows you to record and save your meeting. Here are some steps:

  1. Recording your session is not turned on by default, you must click Record Meeting at any point during the meeting.

Record Meeting highlight

  1. After your session is complete and the meeting is over, go to your Adobe Connect account and enter your Adobe Connect Room for that meeting.
  2. In your Adobe Connect Room, you’ll see a tab called “Recordings”. When you you press the “Make Offline” button it will open the recorded video and present you with options to download it and save it in MP4 or FLV format.
  3. The video will playback and save in real-time: if your meeting was an hour in duration, the video encoding will take an hour to complete.  After the video has been fully downloaded, you can put it on a CD or upload it to DU VideoManager (

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Click the "Make Offline" button.

Adobe Connect Recording Step 2





Adobe Connect Recording Step 3

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