Most video delivery systems (YouTube, Vimeo, DU VideoManager, DU CourseMedia and DU Relay Wrangler) provide video embed code. The video itself should not be uploaded into Canvas but instead uploaded to some video delivery system.  If you directly upload video files into Canvas, several issues could occur:

  • You will quickly exceed your storage quota for your Canvas class.
  • Students will be forced to download large video files in order to see the video.
  • Video file compatibility issues could occur.

Using the video embed code will ensure that:

  • You will not exceed your Canvas course storage limit.
  • Students will quickly view the video as it streams to their computer.
  • Students will not run into file compatibility issues.

Video Embed Instructions:

  1. Video embed code can be added into several areas within Canvas (Modules, Pages, Syllabus, Quizzes).
  2. Copy the video iframe embed code. Depending on the video system (YouTube, DU VideoManager etc) this step will be a little different in each platform.
  3. Go to the area you wish to embed your video within Canvas.
  4. Within the “Text Editor”, click the “HTML Editor”.
  5. Paste the iframe embed code into the “Text” box.
  6. Press Save.

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Copy the video embed code and press “Submit” button.

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