TechSmith Relay is one of DU’s options for lecture capture videos. It allows DU faculty, staff or students to create screencasts videos: content from your computer, audio from your computer and a microphone and an optional web camera video. Once recorded, a video is automatically produced and available for viewing online, on an iPod, or just about anywhere.

What’s a screencast? When you use Relay, it captures anything on your screen as well as your voice (if you use a computer microphone). Many instructors use this to create mini-lectures (5-10 minutes) for students to view before class, so class time can be spent on other tasks – discussions, cooperative learning activities, or Q&A sessions.

If you would like a Techsmith Relay lecture capture account, please contact or call us at (303) 871-2084.

After your account is created


  2. Login w/ your 87 number for username
  3. Password is: changeme

Change Password:

  1. When you are logged in, the default tab is Home
  2. Under the Home menu, select Account Settings
  3. Click on Change Password in the left column
  4. Set it to whatever you like – Minimum of 5 characters in length. Does not require a combo of letters, numbers, or special characters.
  5. Click Save

Download Software:

  1. Click on the Client Downloads tab
  2. Click on the Download button applicable your operating system: Mac, Win XP/Vista, Portable Recorder (portable recorder would be installed to a flash or external drive; you would use a portable recorder if for any reason you cannot – or should not- record and upload your lectures directly from the presentation computer)
    • As of Feb 19th, 2016, your Mac must be running OS 10.9 or higher in order to use TechSmith Relay Recorder.
  3. Install that file after download

Open Software/Remember Me:

  1. Double click on the Relay icon to open
  2. Log in with your username and password
  3. Click the Remember Me option if you’re using a personal computer; do not select Remember Me if you are using a public computer

Test Recording:

  1. There is a Test option on the recorder window. This is to test audio input for your recording, and if you see the volume bar moving in the Preview pane when you talk, then your microphone is working.
  2. If the volume bar does not move, you will have to check the microphone settings. On the toolbar is an icon representing a microphone. Use the arrow to choose a different microphone until you see the volume bar move in the Preview pane when you talk. If the correct microphone is selected and you aren’t seeing the volume bar move, check to see if the microphone is on mute. If you have technical problems at this point, contact TechSmith technical support at 1-800-517-3001
  3. When the volume bar moves, do the 10-second test by clicking on the Test button. You’ll be able to listen to and watch the playback. Close that window with the close button. If the playback shows both the video and plays audio, then you can proceed to the real recording. If not, continue manipulating the audio settings or call TechSmith technical support at 1-800-517-3001
  4. Important: Do a test EVERY time you record using Relay. Do not assume that your audio and video settings are the same from one session to the next.


  1. Select a profile (1024×768 or HD Profile) not Upload and Decide Later
  2. Type a short title for your recording
  3. Optional: Type a description – not necessary if you create a good title
  4. Click the red Record button. When the counter counts down, 3..2..1 and minimizes, you are now recording everything on your screen, mouse, windows opening and closing, etc., and all the audio–both your speech and audio coming out of your computer.
  5. If you would like to use your webcam in a recording, you will have to practice opening that up and sizing it with the other windows you will be using in your recording, so that your viewers can see you.  Note that the webcam window will be usurped by ppts, which overtake the entire window when playing.
  6. When you are done with your recording, open the minimized icon from your icon tray, and click the square Stop button
  7. The recording window opens and in a few seconds, shows you your recording
  8. You may play it by clicking the forward arrow – also stop, pause, FF RW, etc.
  9. You may crop or trim the ends by clicking on the Trimming button. To crop the beginning of your presentation, click your cursor on the timeline where you’d like to crop, and click on the beginning crop icon, to the left of the red X. To crop the end of your presentation, click your cursor on the timeline where you’d like to crop, and click on the end crop icon, to the right of the red X.
  10. If you’d like to just throw this recording away, click the Discard button in the bottom right of the Relay screen.  It will go away, and you are ready to do another recording.
  11. When you are happy with your recording, click the Submit button on the right side of this window. This will send the recording to the server for processing, in the queue.  Don’t turn your machine off or disconnect from the Internet for a short time after this–if you do, the recording may not upload to the server.
  12. When your presentation has uploaded, the basic recording window will come back
  13. You may create another recording right away, or close this screen
  14. You will be sent an email with a link when your recording is processed. That is the permanent link for people to see your recording.

Watch a quick 4 minute video of these steps on the TechSmith site.

More documentation is available at:

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