Would you like to introduce yourself to your new students with a personal welcome video? Here are tips on how to use the Kaltura Personal Capture tool (a recorder tool that uses your computer webcam and microphone) to create your own video.

Recording instructions:

  1. Download and install Kaltura Personal Capture.
  2. Record yourself in a bright, quiet and non-distracting indoor space.
  3. Using a good computer microphone or USB headset will improve the audio quality of your video. Good audio is more important than the video itself.
  4. You should be at eye level with the camera.
  5. The primary light source should be facing toward you and not located behind you. Avoid sitting in front of a window. You won’t be able to see your face because of the bright light.
  6. Once your video has been recorded and posted in your Kaltura account, post your video on your Canvas page by adding it to your week one module page.

What should I include in my welcome video?

Short and concise is best. Don’t overload students with too much information in this type of video. A good rule of thumb is 4-5 minutes because welcome videos are not professionally edited to help keep the viewer’s attention. If you have more to say, create more videos for your course.

  • Put your friendly camera voice and face on. You want to motivate your students as they watch your video. Don’t overload them with too much information. Don’t discuss specifics or add dates because you might want to reuse this video the next time you teach this same course.
  • Show your personality. Include a section with photos or clips of your life. What do you do in your free time?
  • Include your expectations for behavior and participation.
  • Add notable information. Include special instructions or requirements, such as virtual class meetings.
  • When are you available? List your availability and communication expectations. Let students know your expected response time for emails and posts, and when grades are available after a deadline.
  • Include your virtual office hours. Let them know that questions and concerns are welcomed.
  • Help is available. Direct students to available tech support to show that you want everyone to be successful.
  • Show students exactly how to get started in your course.

Welcome video done by Professor Brian Gearity

Welcome video done by Professor Joseph Kerski using the DU Video Creation Studio

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For additional information, see the Kaltura Video App for Canvas User Guide.

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