SpeedGrader User Interface and Comment Drafts

In SpeedGrader, the primary navigation buttons have been moved to the right side of the menu bar to be more closely associated with the most frequently used features in SpeedGrader. Navigating from student to student is now located directly above the sidebar.

The less frequently used navigation buttons have been moved to the left side of the menu bar: return to the Gradebook, mute the assignment, view keyboard shortcuts, view the help menu, and change Gradebook settings.

Assignment details (assignment name, due date, and course name) and grading statistics are in the middle of the menu bar.

To return to the course home page, click the name of the course. The course name is located below the name of the assignment next to the due date.
















Comment Drafts

If an instructor creates a comment in SpeedGrader and navigates to another submission without submitting the comment, or refreshes the page, SpeedGrader autosaves the comment and notifies the instructor it has been saved as a draft. The instructor can go back to the student’s submission and submit the comment at a later time. Comments cannot be viewed by students when in draft.

Note: Currently, draft comments cannot be edited, but they can be deleted or submitted at any time.