As of August 17th 2017, OneDrive for Business at DU no longer allows anonymous URL’s to access content, and all previous files that were shared with anonymous links will fail to display within Canvas.  Moving forward, DU instructor and students must share files with the DU community, specific DU individuals, or someone outside the University using their email address.

If you are an instructor who has used anonymous sharing links in order for students to access material in your Canvas course, these steps outline the changes required for the content to stay visible.

Files: Go to OneDrive and change the permission on the file to ‘share with DU’ and then copy and paste the new link within Canvas.

 Login to OneDrive and find the file in question.

Click the Share button.

Select ‘People in the University of Denver’ unless you’d like to restrict it only to students in the class, then you’d need to enter their names individually. Since your class roster might change, I’d suggest using the ‘People in University of Denver’

Click the Apply Button.




Click the Copy Link button








Paste this link within Canvas.

Photos: Download all of the photo files from OneDrive to a local folder on your computer, then load them into Canvas and replace the links in each page, assignment or discussion board post.

In Canvas, load these files into the Files area of the course. You can drag and drop multiple files into Canvas at once.

On each page where the content was linked to the OneDrive URL, click on the Embed/Edit Image button after highlighting the image placeholder (since the photo will not show) and select the location of the file within the Canvas course on the second tab.