The TechSmith Relay¬†Recorder relies on Profiles in order to encode the video and email you when the job is finished. The HD Profile and Res1024x768 Profiles are recommended, because there is no additional action needed on your part to complete the encoding process. However, there is an option called ‘Upload and Decide Later’ that also appears in the menu. It is important to note that using this profile will then require a second step: logging into the Relay website and picking an encoding profile later.

Choosing the 'Upload and Decide Later' profile

Choosing the ‘Upload and Decide Later’ profile before starting the recording










Once you have finished recording, the Recorder gives you another chance to choose the encoding profile.

TechSmith UADL 2

If you leave the profile set at ‘Upload and Decide Later’ and hit ‘Submit, you will see a popup window after the recording is uploaded.

Techsmith UADL 3






Click on this link to open the Relay webpage in a browser window.


TechSmith UADL 4






Once you login using your credentials (this is your 87xx number and a password that you set individually) you will see the list of presentations that were uploaded but not processed on the left.

Click on the presentation name in the top left. and then select the profile in the lower right (either HD or Res 1024×768) and Submit.

The presentation will begin processing. You should receive an email from Relay Wrangler when the recording is finished encoding.
TechSmith UADL 5