Q. Why are we making this change?

A. The OTL heard from many faculty that TurnItIn was more difficult to use and had frequent issues during the 2015-2016 academic year, so other products were evaluated as possible replacements. VeriCite is similar to TurnItIn in many respects and provides more robust service and customer support. Canvas and VeriCite work very closely together to ensure that the VeriCite experience within Canvas is seamless and almost invisible to the faculty and students.

Q. How should I update my syllabus to reflect the new system?

A. Please include this text:

This course includes the use of VeriCite to assess written assignments for originality and to reinforce best practice for using and citing the work of others. Students acknowledge by taking this course that papers may be subject to submission to VeriCite.  Students also acknowledge and consent that their papers will be included in a secure repository strictly for comparison to papers submitted in the future, in order to protect their own intellectual property and to deter plagiarism by others.  Reports generated by VeriCite will be available to students for review and to enable revision. 

Q. What if I need to see TurnItIn scores from Spring 2016 or earlier?

A. TurnItIn scores will be available via the Office of Teaching and Learning until June 30th. Afterwards, these scores and reports will no longer be available and cannot be retrieved, as our contract with TurnItIn expires. Student content can be re-checked in VeriCite: contact the OTL for assistance.

Q. I forgot to enable an Assignment with VeriCite and students have submitted work. How can I get their results on the plagiarism score?

A. Instructors will need to enable the VeriCite checkbox on the Assignment and ask each student who did not receive a score to resubmit their work in Canvas. Instructors and Canvas administrators cannot resubmit student work in Canvas.

Q. I just have a few papers emailed to me by the students to check. How should I check these assignments?

A. VeriCite only works within Canvas, there is no external website or method to batch-check papers. Please ask the students to submit their papers within Canvas.

Q. Our Department or College requires students to check their work for plagiarism prior to completing a program, attending a conference or receiving a license. How can they check their work?

A. The OTL can create a Canvas ‘shell’ class with VeriCite enabled and the department can manage enrollment to this Canvas class. Contact Benjamin Johnson in the OTL for additional information.

Q. How do I read and evaluate the report on a student’s submitted work?

A . This 1 minute video demonstrates how to evaluate the VeriCite Report

Q. Is there training available for VeriCite?

A. Yes. In addition to VeriCite’s  online documentation and recorded video tutorials, VeriCite offer free monthly training sessions that are open for anyone to register. See our current schedule of live online training sessions to sign up. The OTL can meet with individual instructors, and VeriCite provides private group trainings via web conference: email otl@du.edu or support@vericite.com for more information.

Q. How can I contact VeriCite for support?

A. 1-844-VERICITE (837-4248) or support form