How do students upload their course related videos?

  • Use DU VideoManager ( it’s a free DU resource for students and instructors to upload video content.
  • VideoManager allows instructors to create a private video group for their students.
  • An instructor can add a Course Registration Number (CRN) to quickly add students into a video group.

How are video groups created?

  1. Login at  . Only instructors and staff can create a video group.
  2. Click “I Want To… Create Group”.
  3. Complete the Group Form (Name, Permission Levels, Course Number, Notification Settings).
  4. Add your course CRN number and select the correct term, this will import all your students in the group.
  5. DU VideoManager Groups provides two levels of access. By default, the person uploading the video and group manager(s) can see the videos. The second option is to allow all group members to see the videos in that particular group.
  6. Inform your student to visit to upload their videos.  They will see a upload button near their video group.
  7. If you are uploading a video on behalf of a student, make sure you re-assign the video ownership to that particular student. This is done on the video player page (see image below).

How can students upload videos to DU VideoManager?

  1. It’s recommended that students upload their video on campus or from a location that has high speed Internet.
  2. Videos need be smaller than 3 gigabytes. If you need to compress your video to a smaller size, use the free program called Handbrake. View Handbrake how-to article.
  3. The University has a site-wide license for a video recording tool called ZoomZoom will record a video from a webcam or computer screen. Zoom does a great job making video files small and easy to upload to DU VideoManager.
  4. Login at DU VideoManager at .
  5. Scroll down the page and click the “Upload Video” button for your class group.
  6. Click the “Select File” button on the “Upload a Video” page and then press “Upload File”.
  7. Once you video has been uploaded, students will get an automatic email about the status of their video.
  8. Instructors will receive an automatic email when a group video has been upload by a student.

What are the options for recording video?

1. PC or Mac Users: Use the free Zoom.Us software

  1. What is Zoom? Zoom is a free video conference software for PC and Mac users. It can record webcam video from your computer or a computer screen. After a video recording, Zoom will automatically compress a video down to a smaller file size.
  2. How do I get Zoom? Visit this page for a free download –
  3. Detail “local recording” instructions are located at
  4. Once you have your local video recorded on your computer, go to DU VideoManager ( and upload it.


ZOOM: Click this icon to start recording.

1: Click this icon to start recording.


2: Check your audio recording settings

Zoom: Click the Start Recording button.

3. Click the Record button.


4: Click the Stop Recording and then End Meeting button


5: Click the End Meeting button to end meeting and start the video compression process


6. Zoom will compress you recording and show you where it saved the video. Upload this copy to DU VideoManager.

2. Mac Users: Use your Apple QuickTime record on your computer

  1. Use your webcam for recording your video.
  2. On a Mac, use QuickTime Player to record a video. Please note, this QuickTime feature is not available on a PC.
  3. If you have an external microphone, plug the external microphone into your computer.
  4. Open QuickTime. QuickTime allows you to record using an external webcam and microphone.  Select File -> Movie Recording.
  5. Recording Quality should be set to Medium.
  6. Do a short test to make sure the video and audio quality are good in the saved video file.
  7. Save the video by File -> Export -> Format-480p.

This is the Mac version of QuickTime. Select the camera, microphone and quality settings by clicking the down arrow.


QuickTime allows you to export your video. Select 480p as your export setting, this works well in most cases.


3. PC and Mac Users: DU VideoManager Webcam Recorder on Mac or PC:

  1. If you have a stable and fast Internet connection, you can use our webcam recorder tool located within DU VideoManager –
  2. Scroll down the page and locate your private video group.
  3. Press “Webcam Recording”.
  4. Select your webcam from the drop down menu.
  5. Select your microphone.
  6. Press the big red button.
  7. Press Stop to stop recording
  8. Give the video a name and press “Save Recording”.

This is the DU VideoManager webcam recorder tool. If you have more than one cameras or microphones, select them from the drop-down menu.



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