Who can use DU VideoManger?
Any staff or faculty members with an active DU ID number can use DU VideoManager. Students can enter DU VideoManger if they are part of a “Group” created by their instructor or staff member.

What are some video class activities?

  • Digital Storytelling
  • Language Exercise Skits
  • Speech and Group Presentations
  • Persuasive arguments
  • Interview Skill Assessment
  • Software Demonstrations
  • Role Playing
  • Weekly instructor overview

What file formats does DU VideoManager accept?
mp4 | mp3 | m4v | mov | avi | flv | f4v | mts | mpg | mpeg | 3gp | 3gpp | wmv | ogg | ogv | webm

Can I embed my video on my website?
Yes, we provide iframe embed code that can be copied and pasted into your Portfolio, DU department or Canvas website.

What type of software can I use to video record my computer screen?

Quick Time Player 

Windows PC:

Camtasia Studio: (free 30-day copy )

Can I add some video markers to help viewers navigate my video quicker?
Yes, video owners can add interactive bookmarks to allow viewers to quickly navigate to key points in a video. View Example

Can public videos be played on an iPad and iPhone?
Yes, iOS devices like iPad and iPhones can be used to view public videos.

How do I embed my video into Canvas?
Follow these instructions to copy your video embed code from VideoManager. The instruction page will have an additional link to follow for the instructions to embed within Canvas.

Do you have a video preview page to share a video?
Yes, we have a “Private Review Page” to share you video with certain people. View Example

What is the file size limit for uploading videos?
The file size limit is 3 gigabytes (GB) for on-campus and 1 GB for off-campus. If you have a video larger than 3GB, we recommend using a free open-source program, such as HandBrake or another video editor program to reduce the file size. Bring down the video bitrate to 1900kbps.

How can I get my students to upload their videos into DU VideoManager?
Faculty and staff members can create a “Group”. A  group in VideoManager allows students to upload videos for review or assessment by one or many instructors. In VideoManager, click the “I Want To…” menu to create your group.

How do I upload videos from my iPhone or iPad?
Follow these instructions.

Does DU have a public website for DU videos?
Yes, the site is located at http://videocast.du.edu   This video website is devoted to DU videos related to research, community events and creative works.

 Why was DU VideoManager created?  
For years the University did not have a centralized video management system. DU VideoManager allows DU members to manage their public and private videos. Having a centralized video management system will also provide us with the backbone for the new DU video website.

DU VideoManager Handout: Click to Download

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