You have a few equipment options to video record your students:

  • Checkout a video camera from the library: The AAC library has several Flip Cameras that are easy to use.
  • Use your built-in laptop webcam: Most newer laptops have built-in video webcams that record video and audio.
  • Use the DU VideoManager Webcam Recorder:  If you have a webcam, try using the DU VideoManager webcam recorder tool.
  • Use an external webcam for your desktop or laptop computer:  We recommend the Logitech C615 webcam because it works on PC and Mac’s.
  • Use your smart phone: This works fine but make sure the device is stable during recording to avoid bouncy videos.

Please make sure you do a “test” recording before your live event to avoid any unexpected video or audio issues. Upload your video into DU VideoManager to ensure it plays back as expected.


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