“Share Pod” gives you three options to share information with your participants:

  • Share My Screen
  • Share Document
  • Share Whiteboard

“Share Document” is limited to certain file types. If you want to share other types of files, use the  “Share Screen” option.

Allowed “Share Document” file types:

  • A single PDF file
  • A single PPT or PPTX file
  • A single SWF file
  • A single HTML file
  • A single Adobe Captivate SWF file
  • Adobe Captivate content published through the Adobe Captivate application
  • Adobe Presenter content published through the Presenter plug-in
  • Presenter content packaged as a ZIP file
  • A ZIP file that contains multiple SWF files and extra files (images, XML files, and so on) and a file called index.swf that is loaded first
  • A ZIP file that contains multiple HTM or HTML files and extra files (images, SWF files, and so on) and one file called index.htm or index.html
  • A ZIP file that contains a single PDF file.
  • An FLV file
  • A single image (JPEG, GIF, or PNG)
  • A single audio file (mp3)
  • A single video file (mp4, f4v)

Fore more information visit the Adobe Connect reference website.

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