Hybrid Course Initiative


The goal of the hybrid course initiative is to improve the quality of a DU education by improving student learning and preparedness, while at the same time using resources in the most effective and efficient manner to contain costs.  The initiative will address challenges facing nearly every university and college today.


What is a hybrid course?

Hybrid, or blended, courses are those that combine online and hybrid instruction. At DU, we define hybrid courses as “A course in which online (or other distance) instruction is combined with face to face instruction, where a substantial portion of the face to face instruction is replaced by online instruction.” This differs from an online course where all or nearly all of the organized instruction is conducted online or by distance learning methodologies.

In a hybrid course, the online components, when designed according to best practices, can transform learning by allowing instructors to provide differentiated learning opportunities online to students of varying academic preparation while maintaining (indeed, possibly increasing) the academic rigor in the course itself.  For example, students might complete online activities rather than attend a lecture and spend class involved in active learning (eg., the “flipped” classroom). This approach takes advantage of technology to individualize student learning, while at the same time maximizing the engagement and interaction with the instructor in the classroom.

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This initiative supports development, delivery and assessment of hybrid courses, with a focus on large-enrollment foundational courses.  Through this approach, a critical number of faculty members will learn and work together and a significant number of students will be involved and provide important feedback.

For more information on the hybrid initiative, contact Virginia Pitts.

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