Peer Classroom Visit Program

Peer Classroom Visit Program

Faculty members have much to learn from each other regarding teaching practice, yet we rarely have the opportunity to see each other teach. But what if we could get a window into each others classrooms?

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DU’s Office of Teaching and Learning sponsors a peer classroom visit program for interested DU instructors. The purpose of this program is to provide a mutually-supportive opportunity for self-reflection and sharing of good practice. The program is designed to spur self-reflection of one’s own teaching, rather than critique of each other’s teaching. Through observing each other and discussing teaching informally, this program will allow faculty members to reflect upon, enhance, and celebrate their teaching.

Program structure

  • Instructors are matched into small “peer learning groups” of three instructors for one academic quarter.
  • Instructors attend a kick-off meeting to learn more about the program and its goals. The peer groups will have time at that meeting to meet each other and plan their observations.
  • Instructors observe at least one class taught by each member of their group during the quarter.
  • Peer groups will meet informally at least one time to share observations and reflections with their group members (focusing on what they’ve learned about their own teaching, not focused on critiquing their colleagues’ performance).
  • Everyone will attend a celebratory lunch at the end of the quarter to share overall insights and takeaways.

There are two options available to participate in this program.

  1. Instructors can sign up individually to be matched with faculty members in other disciplines across campus.
  2. Instructors can determine their own group of three and register it with the OTL.

Peer Classroom Visit Program Handout


Contact Bridget Arend or Virginia Pitts with any questions about this program.



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