Graduate Student Support

Teaching Support for Graduate Students

The University of Denver’s Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL) provides teaching support for anyone who teaches or is interested in teaching at DU.  All of our services are open to graduate students whether they are teaching a course, servings as a graduate teaching assistant, or are interested in preparing for a career that includes teaching. We offer a wide range of services and programs to support educators for 21st century teaching and learning.

Teaching Workshops

The OTL offers workshops related to teaching, learning and educational technology and a Faculty Showcase Series each year. Graduate students are welcome at these events.

For an introduction and overview of teaching at DU, sign up for a self-paced online course Teaching@DU.

Teaching Consultation and Support

Prepping for your next teaching opportunity? Contact the OTL and set up an appointment to receive guidance or feedback about teaching methods, lesson plans, or assignments. On a case-by-case basis, the OTL can conduct an in-class observation or personal, pedagogical consultation.

Academic Technology Consultations

Curious about setting up an online course or implementing new technologies in the classroom?  The OTL offers both one-on-one consultation and Technology workshops to help instructors implement technology in their teaching. The OTL provides support and training on a multitude of instructional technology tools, such as:

Other Teaching Resources

At the OTL our mission is to promote and support a culture at the University of Denver that values and rewards excellence in teaching and learning. In line with that goal, we offer numerous online teaching guides and resources.

Take advantage of these services available to you as a DU graduate student to help in your current or future teaching endeavors!

Upcoming Workshops of Particular Interest to Graduate Students

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