Peer Mentors are faculty across campus with an interest in providing personalized, peer-to-peer teaching support as we collectively navigate pressing topics around teaching off and on-line, including the many challenges that the pandemic has presented for our pedagogy. Peer teaching mentors may provide open office hours, workshops, roundtables, long-term support or any other variation of faculty-to-faculty support through intentional, personalized conversation. Each faculty Peer Mentor can offer support around a variety of topics—see below for more information

Brad-BenzName: Brad Benz

Unit/Dept: Writing Program

I teach: Undergraduate, medium class sizes, and no labs  

Ask me about: online asynchronous courses, work/life balance, mentoring for Teaching and Professional Faculty, designing writing assignments beyond the research paper 

My teaching “superpower”: writing-based courses 

When you can reach me: This Fall, I’m available Thursdays 9-11am


Zoom Meeting Room:


Name: Lawrence Berliner

Unit/Dept: NSM/CHEM

I teach: Undergraduate, medium class sizes, and labs

Ask me about: tenure and promotion; teaching and assessment; grants expectations; how to navigate senior colleagues

My teaching “superpower”: collaborative learning; seminar discussion course

When you can reach me: 10-12 or 2-4 MW; wide open Winter


Zoom Meeting Room: 961 2052 3822

Name: Karina Condra

Unit/Dept: Sturm College of Law

I teach: Graduate Students, Writing and Research Labs, and Medium to small sized classes

Ask Me About: 

  • Educational Technology (Canvas, Teams, Camtasia, Kaltura, Video Quizzes, Zoom etc.)
  • Assessment
  • Experiential pedagogy and teaching strategies
  • Student engagement and connections
  • Online/hybrid/hyflex teaching and learning – the good and the bad

My Teaching Superpower: The majority of my classes are experiential learning classes focused on writing and lawyering process skills. I also teach a moot court class to prepare students to participate in the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition. I use a variety of online software within the classroom.

My scholarly interests are environmental and natural resources law, international and foreign comparative law, legal technology, modern learning, and legal research pedagogy.

When you can reach me: Tuesdays, 2 – 4 PM


Zoom Meeting Room:

Name:Lawrence Golan

Unit/Dept: Lamont School of Music 

I teach: both undergraduate and graduate, large class sizes, and no labs 

Ask me about: I am NOT an expert, but if you are a beginner, I might be able to help. Ask me about… 
   -Using Canvas (especially for those in the performing arts) 
   -Using Zoom 
   -Scheduling Meetings using Doodle 
   -Silver Linings during the pandemic 
   -Music! (in particular, anything about the symphony orchestra, symphonic music, and/or conducting) 

My teaching “superpower”: I teach performance classes, specifically orchestra and conducting classes 

When you can reach me: Tuesdays; 10:00 am to 12:00 pm 


Zoom Meeting Room:

Name: Kathleen Guerra

Unit/Dept: Spanish Language, Literary and Cultural Studies

I teach: Undergraduate, medium class sizes, and no labs

Ask me about: Translating teaching strategies into online platforms, implementing a flipped classroom model, using available Canvas tools to meet course objectives, identifying and adapting which aspects of your course that are more conducive to synchronous or asynchronous units, balancing autocorrected and professor-corrected assessments/homework

My teaching “superpower”: I teach courses with a lot of student interaction/participation (student-student, teacher-student/s).

When you can reach me: Wednesdays from 12-2


Zoom Meeting Room:

Name: Tom Hall 

Unit/Dept: School of Accountancy 

I teach: Both undergraduate and graduate, medium class sizes, and no labs 

Ask me about: How to get students to complete thoughtful evaluations, and then how to use that info to improve your teaching. How to get students engaged in classroom discussions. How to set up a good Canvas course. How to develop a relationship with your students. How to set up effective PowerPoint slides for classroom use (or whether you should even use PowerPoint slides at all. 

My teaching “superpower”: I teach Accounting courses to both Accounting and non-Accounting students. I am familiar with both McGraw Hill Connect and the WileyPlus online platforms

When you can reach me: Fridays 9-11am 

Zoom Meeting Room:

Kerstin HaringName: Kerstin Haring 

Unit/Dept: CS  

I teach: Both undergraduate and graduate, medium class sizes, and no labs  

Ask me about: Robotics/Human Robot interaction research; Hyflex teaching & classroom management; Class-buy in to mandatory classes 

My teaching “superpower”: hyflex teaching (online and in person), Mandatory and topics classes, classes with grads and undergrads 

When you can reach me: Wednesday between 1 and 5 


 Zoom Meeting Room: 441 004 6004

Helen HaznName: Helen Hazen 

Unit/Dept: Geography and the Environment 

I teach: Undergraduate, large class sizes, and labs 

Ask me about: Generating meaningful discussions in Zoom 
Fair assessment in online teaching environments
Balancing home life with work during a pandemic

My teaching “superpower”: I teach several large (60-90 student) common curriculum classes. 

When you can reach me: Friday 11am-1pm 

Zoom Meeting Room:

Name: Sarah Huff

Unit/Dept: Psychology 

I teach: Undergraduate, medium class sizes, and no labs 

Ask me about: building community in online classes, conducting group projects over Zoom, designing scaffolded assignments, and managing your own well-being.  

My teaching “superpower”: Research Methods in Psychology (SPSS, JASP, Excel); Discussion-based courses 

When you can reach me: Friday 9-10am and Wednesday 4-5pm 

Zoom Meeting Room:


Name: Barbekka Hurtt 

Unit/Dept: NSM/Biological Sciences 

I teach: Undergraduate, large class sizes, and labs  

Ask me about: Challenges and opportunities teaching large (60+) person courses, especially in the sciences 

Participating in community engaged work, or “community-facing” classroom projects  

Encouraging students to participate in Grand Challenges (through CCESL) and ACE grants  

Integrating various types of technology into the classroom experience 

My teaching “superpower”: A specialized aspect of the courses I teach is to have final projects that constructively challenge the students to place what they’re learning in a larger societal context (in the sciences), instead of final exams. 

When you can reach me: For fall quarter, 3-4 pm on Mondays and either Mon or Tues 5-6 pm. 

Zoom Meeting Room:


Name: Jessica Lerner 

Unit/Dept: Teacher Education Program, Morgridge College of Education 

I teach: Graduate, small class size, no labs 

Ask me about: authentic assessment; setting clear expectations; organizing course content; formative assessment; collecting feedback 

My teaching “superpower”: Rigor with supports and scaffolding

When you can reach me: Monday 1-3pm 


Zoom Meeting Room:

Name: Heather Martin 

Unit/Dept: Writing 

I teach: Undergraduate, medium class size, and no labs 

Ask me about: designing major assignments, online instruction, community-engaged learning, and writing activities  

My teaching “superpower”: My courses are interactive, writing intensive, and often community engaged 

When you can reach meThis fall, I’m available on Fridays from 9-11 

 Zoom Meeting Room:

Name: Debbie Mitchell

Unit/Dept: Chemistry & Biochemistry

I teach: Undergraduate, Large classes, and Labs

Ask me about:

-Universal Design in large classes
-Teaching large classes remotely
-Active learning in a remote environment
-Using discord as a tool to manage small groups

My teaching superpower: Universal Design, Active Learning, Discord, Contract Grading, etc.

When you can reach me: Mondays 1-3pm


Zoom Meeting Room:

Name: Kathleen Novak 

Unit/Dept: Management in DCB 

I teach: Undergraduate, large class sizes, and no labs 

Ask me about: experiential activities. 
bringing the world off campus into the classroom 
getting feedback throughout the quarter from your students. 

My teaching “superpower”: a lot of simulation, role plays, exercises, problem-based learning, practicing. 

When you can reach me: Wednesdays from 2-4 pm


Zoom Meeting Room:

Name: Dan Pittman 

Unit/Dept: Computer Science, Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science 

I teach: Both undergraduate and graduate, medium class sizes, and no labs  

Ask me about: Ask me about using Canvas to organize and deliver course content. 
Ask me about integrating apps into Canvas to expand the capabilities of your Canvas-hosted course material. 
Ask me about how to effectively use Zoom features (including dual-monitor support and polling) to allow for real-time interaction with your students. 
Ask me about how to integrate 3rd party tools (such as Slack for course discussions) as a way to augment the capabilities presented by Canvas and Zoom. 
Ask me about how to keep a course engaging and interactive in a virtual environment.  

My teaching “superpower”: My courses involve in-class examples created in real time, as well as interactive Q&A with the students. I use Zoom polling and Slack to communicate with the students during class and use 3rd party tools such as Glitch to allow the students to follow along with the in-class examples as I create them.  

When you can reach me: Mondays 2-4 

Zoom Meeting Room:

Name: Jared Del Rosso

Unit/Dept: Department of Sociology & Criminology

I teach: Undergraduate, medium class sizes, and no labs

Ask me about: course design, active learning, classroom community, online teaching & learning

My teaching “superpower”: Pedagogical Games

When you can reach me: Mondays 2-3pm and Thursdays 12:30-1:30pm


Zoom Meeting Room:

Name: Emily Sposeto 

Unit/Dept: Center for World Languages and Cultures 

I teach: Undergraduate, medium class sizes, and no labs  

Ask me about: Creating Virtual Classroom Communities, Using Zoom for Group Work, Canvas Course Design, Online Language Teaching 

My teaching “superpower”: Language Courses 

When you can reach me: Tuesdays, 12:00-2:00 

Zoom Meeting Room:

Name: Daniel Storage

Unit/Dept: Department of Psychology

I teach: Undergraduate, large class sizes, and no labs

Ask me about: Ask me about using the technology required to teach and assess online (e.g., Zoom, Kaltura, Canvas), the best practices for recording videos, how to translate classroom activities to an online or physically-distanced format, or the pros and cons of teaching synchronously versus asynchronously.

My teaching “superpower”: I often teach statistical software packages such as R, JASP, JMP, SPSS, etc. I also use clickers (e.g., TurningPoint Clickers) quite frequently in my courses.

When you can reach me: Fridays from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM


Zoom Meeting Room:

Name: Scott Toney 

Unit/DeptBusiness Information and Analytics, Daniels College of Business 

I teach: Both undergraduate and graduate, medium class sizes, and no labs 

Ask me about: I can help with both Tech and Pedagogy.  I love talking about flipped classroom, online learning, and Hybrid courses. I am also pretty handy with Canvas, Zoom, and Kaltura. Making and using short videos is pretty fun for me.  

My teaching “superpower”: I teach a lot of courses that require debugging software, coding, or Excel. I also use tons of course long projects. 

When you can reach me: Mondays Noon to 2 PM 


Zoom Meeting Room:

Lindsay Turner

Name: Lindsay Turner 

Unit/Dept: English 

I teach: Both undergraduate and graduate, small class sizes, and no labs  

Ask me about: Zoom and Canvas basics (including Canvas design), fostering creativity, workshop-based assignments, and really just surviving this chaotic time. 

My teaching “superpower”I teach creative writing workshops (poetry and translation) to undergraduates and graduate students, as well as general education literature classes.  

When you can reach me: Thursday 10am-12pm 


 Zoom Meeting Room:

Name: Gregory Ungar 

Unit/Dept: CAHSS/Theatre 

I teach: Undergraduates, medium class sizes, and no labs 

Ask me aboutAsk me about using Zoom as a classroom.  

Ask me about using Canvas.  

Ask me about on-camera comfort. 

My teaching “superpower”Performance and conversation-heavy courses. 

When you can reach me: Tuesdays, 12-2pm. 


Zoom Meeting Room: 393 286 7132


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