What is program assessment?

Program assessment is the process faculty and administrators use to continually improve how student learning is organized and designed in each academic major offered at the University of Denver. Conducting program assessment through DU Assessment involves the following:

  • Designing the assessment process in a blueprint,
  • Using assessment data to improve student learning, and
  • Documenting assessment results in an annual report.

How will program assessment benefit me?

Faculty and staff use program assessment as a tool for making the University of Denver the most vibrant place for our students to learn, thrive, and grow. Additionally, program assessment provides opportunities for faculty and staff to do the following:

  • Advocate for additional resources to improve student learning,
  • Improve experiences for students to engage in robust learning,
  • Harness assessment reports as a ballast for writing grant proposals and manuscripts,
  • Support efforts to meet accreditation.

How do I design an assessment blueprint and submit an assessment report?

When you log into DU Assessment with your DU ID number and password, you will have access to step-by-step directions about how to navigate the website. If you prefer touching base with colleagues, please reach out to our Assessment Fellows, a group of faculty and staff who serve as assessment consultants in service to the DU community. Information about our Assessment Fellows is available by visiting DU Assessment and clicking on the tab titled “Fellows” in the upper-right-hand corner of the homepage.


Please contact the Office of Teaching and Learning, otl@du.edu

Thanks so much for your interest in program assessment!

Learn more at https://assessment.du.edu.