Over 300 faculty members have completed the Teaching Online Short Course or Teaching Online Workshop (TOW)!

The Teaching Online Short Course (formerly Teaching Online Workshop) is an intensive online course designed to prepare faculty members  to teach an online course. By DU’s definition, an online course is a course in which all or nearly all of the organized instruction is conducted online. Completing the course is a requirement for DU faculty members planning to teach online.

What is the Teaching Online Short Course?

The Teaching Online Short Course provides faculty with foundational knowledge and insight into designing and facilitating online courses. The core objective is to develop alignment between learning outcomes, assessment, student engagement, and community building in an online space. The course takes place asynchronously on Canvas so that participants can experience the structure and flow of an online course as a student. This course is appropriate for faculty new to teaching online or faculty interested in refreshing their online teaching practices. There is no required prerequisite; the course can be taken before or after any of our other short course offerings.

After completing the course, participants will be able to:

  1. Locate OTL resources related to online course facilitation and design.
  2. Identify methods for engaging and motivating online learners.
  3. Recognize appropriate uses for assessment tools (assignments, quizzes, rubrics, etc.).
  4. Identify effective techniques for providing feedback.
  5. Demonstrate best practices for facilitating online courses.
  6. Apply experience as an online learner to the facilitation of your own course.

Thinking about teaching online? Take this Faculty Self-Assessment for Online Teaching Preparedness to see if you are ready for online teaching.

Why do I have to take a course before I can teach online?

The University of Denver is committed to providing our students with quality online courses and online course development & delivery requires a high level of organization and different methods and strategies than traditional classroom instruction. It is important to pay careful attention to course organization and facilitation to improve student engagement, learning, and retention in online courses. By participating in the Teaching Online short course, faculty members will experience online learning from the student perspective, and learn best practices for developing and facilitating online courses.

When is the next Teaching Online Short Course?

The next session of the Teaching Online Short Course will run from February 7th through February 28th. REGISTER HERE. 

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Who to contact?

For more information, contact Lexi Schlosser.