Can’t find what you’re looking for in DU CourseMedia?¬† Contact our media support team to request the media that you need for your courses.

Requesting Video and Audio files

  • On average, adding new videos to CourseMedia can take 2-3 weeks.
  • Contact Mark Kintgen ( at the library. Make sure to include the title, copyright year, and vendor. Please indicate¬† when you expect to use the media for your class.
  • Once the video(s) are uploaded in CourseMedia, you will receive an email with some instructions.
  • Have you checked out Kanopy, our new library subscription services that contains thousands of arts, humanities and social science videos? Kanopy Videos Kanopy integrates with Canvas and CourseMedia. Learn more about how to add Kanopy videos into your
    CourseMedia gallery.

Requesting Images


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