ATTENTION!  Before sharing your ZOOM cloud recordings, make sure the pre and post personal conversations with students are edited out of your meeting recordings.

To edit your ZOOM Canvas recordings, you must log into our ZOOM portal website –

  1. Go to  and go to your Recordings tab. Click the title of a video to see more details.
  2. Click the play button to open the video editor.
    Important! Sometimes ZOOM will record 2 videos for a meeting. If you trim one video, please make sure you delete the 2nd video to avoid students from seeing the un-edited version via Canvas.
  3. Click on the scissors icon at the bottom of the video.
  4. Drag the cursor to where you would like the video to start, or type in the desired start and end times.
  5. Click Save.

Now the shareable link for this recording will start and end at the selected times you defined.

1. Trim edits will be applied to your Canvas ZOOM Cloud recording. However, please make sure to delete additional video recordings to avoid students from seeing the unedited version.

2. Playback range does not technically trim your recordings. If the recording is downloaded, it will still be the original length, regardless of the playback range you set. By default, students can not download ZOOM recordings hosted by their instructor.

3. Playback range will not apply to users viewing cloud recordings on Internet Explorer, Safari, or on mobile devices if they view the recording using low bandwidth mode.

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