Avoid uploading videos using the “File” upload tool.

There’s a special way to load videos onto Canvas that won’t take up your course storage space. By default, each Canvas course has 500MB of media storage. The ideal video format is mp4.  This 2 minute video demonstrates how to load the videos into a Canvas page or follow the steps below. In the demonstration video, a recorded Zoom meeting saved on the computer desktop is being upload but you can substitute the steps to find your MP4 video if you’ve used another recording tool.

Option A: Using the Canvas Record/Upload Media Tool

  1. Create a Page in your Canvas course to store the videos.
  2. Use the Record/Upload Media tool in the Page to load the video. 500 MB is the maximum file size per upload.
  3. Save or Save And Publish the page
Record/Upload Media Tool

Option B: Using video embed code from YouTube, DU VideoManager or some other video provider:

  1. Video embed code can be added into several areas within Canvas (Modules, Pages, Syllabus, Quizzes).
  2. Copy the video iframe embed code. Depending on the video system (YouTube, DU VideoManager etc) this step will be a little different in each platform.
  3. Go to the area you wish to embed your video within Canvas.
  4. Within the “Text Editor”, click the “HTML Editor”.
  5. Paste the iframe embed code into the “Text” box.
  6. Press Save.

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Copy the video embed code and press “Submit” button.

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