Videos have become a popular tool in education. Although video is easily captured with video cameras, flip cameras and cell phones, tasks such as encoding, presenting and managing video files can be daunting. Additionally, the ability to provide feedback to students within those videos is beyond the capabilities of most software programs.

The OTL has worked with faculty and staff across the university over the last year to create a solution to video management at DU. We are very excited about the release of our newest software creation: DU VideoManager! DU VideoManager is a web-based video storage and delivery solution.

All DU faculty and staff have access to this new system, which provides a professional alternative to YouTube or Vimeo. Instructors can:

  • upload videos that can then be copied into Canvas,
  • create private user groups for students or faculty to share confidential videos, and
  • add notes and comments to particular sections within a video.

Faculty and staff members may also browse DU VideoManager’s growing collection of publicly available videos and use it for their own means.

Current Features:

  • Annotation features allow direct feedback on student videos
  • Video bookmarks allow a user to navigate to key points made within the video
  • Video analytics track play history
  • Video player support for iOS and Anroid devices
  • Video embed code for websites
  • Videographer request form to request professional services
  • Search features allow you to search and browse videos by topic, department, keyword, date, event, category and speaker

Need help or have questions?

Phone: 303 871-2084
Knowledge Base:
DU VideoManager Handout: Click to Download

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