Using Relay Wrangler; you now have the ability to mark TechSmith Relay presentations for preservation, download your video, and delete un-needed recordings. We encourage all content owners to be responsible with this material and only preserve that content which is still relevant for teaching and learning purposes at the University of Denver. 

You may log in to with your DU ID and PioneerWeb Passcode.

Sharing and Downloading Videos 

Login to Relay Wrangler and click on the title to the video

wrangler 2


Share: Select the ‘Presentation URL’ at the bottom of the screen and share that with the audience.

Download: click the blue Download button and then right click to ‘Download’ or ‘Save As’


Marking Videos as Permanent

Click on the ‘Keep Permanently’ button to keep these videos from being deleted if they are over 3 years old.




Embedding Videos elsewhere

Relay Wrangler also contains HTML code to embed the video in a Canvas, Portfolio or other website. When you are on the video page itself, there is some hidden text in the bottom of the screen: click and drag your mouse over it to reveal the embed code for copying.


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