The NBC Learn Video Library allows you to embed videos directly to your course via the rich content editor toolbar, which is found in the Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Pages, Quizzes, and Syllabus tools in Canvas.

These videos include a transcript and English captioning, plus citations in MLA, APA or Chicago Style formats.

You can find the NBC Learn Video Library tool under the More External Tools icon in the rich content editor.

For professors at DU, NBC Learn provides complimentary syllabus review and video suggestions. The team will send you selected video links related to your course materials so you can determine the resources that best fit your course. Please email syllabi or other materials to to take advantage of this free service.

NBCLearn in Canvas

Clicking on the link opens a screen where you can browse or search for video clips.

NBC Learn 2

When you find a video clip you’d like to use, click the Embed button in the lower left corner of the video.

NBCLEarn 3

Your video will now appear as a click-to-play option within the course content.

Embedded Video Player Features

NBCLearn 6

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