DU CourseMedia has undergone some major updates that requires your attention. Please review the updates below and take the time to become familiar with the new CourseMedia in order to make a smooth transition this next school year (2016-2017). The Office of Teaching and Learning will provide personal assistance to any instructor that needs help, contact coursemedia@du.edu or call us at 303-871-2084.

Accessing CourseMedia:

When is the new CourseMedia rolling out?
The new CourseMedia is scheduled to available on August 11th 2016. CourseMedia will be off-line August 10th as part of the software upgrade.

Will students be able to log into CourseMedia?
No, most students will no longer be able to log into DU CourseMedia. Instructors need to share their galleries via their Canvas course (view videos).  One exception to this rule is if the student is an “Art and Art History” major, these students require full access to CourseMedia for their scholarly research and course work.

Will all active DU instructors have access to CourseMedia materials?
Yes, all active DU faculty members can access CourseMedia materials via Canvas (http://canvas.du.edu) or the main CourseMedia (http://coursemedia.du.edu).

Can special guest accounts be created for CourseMedia?
Instructor guest accounts can not be created in the new CourseMedia. CourseMedia now adheres to the same login authentication rules as other DU websites. Once a new hire obtains their DU ID and password, they will be able to log into CourseMedia. Students auditing a class can be added to a Canvas course that contains CourseMedia materials. Contact the OTL (otl@du.edu) to request a special student account for your Canvas course.

Will instructors will be able to log into the old CourseMedia system?
Yes, we will leave the old DU CourseMedia up until summer 2017 just in case your content did not carry over correctly into the new system. Contact coursemedia@du.edu if you need access to the old CourseMedia.

Canvas Integration:

How can instructors share their CourseMedia content with their students via Canvas?
Instructors can import a single CourseMedia item (video, image and audio file) directly into Canvas.  If you only have a few media files to share with your students, this is the preferred way. View Videos

Where can CourseMedia content be embedded into Canvas?
A gallery or single media item can be pasted into a Canvas page, quiz, assignment or discussion board. View Videos

How can I remove the CRN from my gallery titles?
The CRN was imported into the new CourseMedia just in case the instructor wanted to see it.  You can remove it by editing the title of your gallery or group name.

Once I import my gallery into Canvas, will it automatically update as I make changes to it in CourseMedia?
Yes, your imported gallery in Canvas will automatically update.

What’s the best way to import a gallery or Group of galleries into Canvas?
Canvas Modules is the best way to import a gallery with many gallery items because it provide a larger window in Canvas. Here is link to some how-to instructions:

Instructor Features:

Does the new CourseMedia have more media?
Yes, CourseMedia now has access to Kanopy educational videos, a collection of 26,000 videos.

Will instructor course details (title, crn, term) still be available in CourseMedia?
No, instructors will not see their official course information in DU CourseMedia. Instructors can organize their course content by using “Group”, a folder type tool. Current course galleries will be converted to Groups and named as such. Once a group or single gallery is created, it can be added into Canvas.  For example, you can create a Group called “Dada and Surrealism” which can contain several galleries for that particular course.  *

All previous course content will be combined into “Groups” folder.  If you organized your CourseMedia galleries into sub-folders, those galleries will all be combined into on large “Group” Folder.

An instructor can create a Group for each class they teach. One Group can contain many galleries.

Can instructors can still create personal galleries?

How can I arrange my gallery items with the new CourseMedia?
We have a new drag and drop arrangement tool. View Article

Can instructors can still share and copy their galleries with other instructors?

Instructors can still upload their personal images and YouTube clips into their galleries?

Student Features:

Can Art and Art History students save their personal research galleries from quarter to quarter?

Will old personal galleries created by Art & Art History students be saved?
Yes, but contact us if they did not transfer over correctly.

Can students be able to build and share their CourseMedia galleries with their instructor?
Yes, all students will still be able to build and share their CourseMedia galleries. Instructors would need to create a “Canvas Assignment” in order for students to build a gallery. View Video

Missing Content:

Why are some of my videos not working?
Some existing video content will not work in the new system due to copyright concerns. In order to comply with fair-use, the University must demonstrate a good faith effort in ensuring that digital content was purchased or donated to the University. The majority of content in CourseMedia was purchased but a few items need to be verified. Contact your department library liaison if you have any questions or concerns about your media in DU CourseMedia.

This last year, I used the Canvas/CourseMedia video import tool, will those videos still work in Canvas?
Yes, existing video content that was imported via the Canvas/CourseMedia tool will be kept online until summer 2017. We recommend that you use the new Canvas/CourseMedia tool.

Can DU VideoManager videos be embedded into CourseMedia?
Yes, use the DU VideoManager video embed code and paste it into your gallery as an external video. You can also paste your embed code directly into Canvas.


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