A corner stone of the DU approach to faculty development is the Peer​-To-Peer (P2P) conversation which faculty are encouraged to host every three years.  Complete information on hosting these conversations is located on the Faculty Senate website at: https://www.du.edu/facsen/faculty-development/index.html. The intention of the P2P conversations is to promote a form of professional engagement that is often missing from higher education communities because of current political, economic, and social constraints. P2P conversations are not intended to replace other forms of faculty to faculty conversations which occur in less formal settings or gatherings. The P2P conversations differ in that they are formally structured around key moments in the life of a faculty, focused on professional development, and are bounded by norms of confidentiality. A P2P committee consists of one-host (the faculty convening the conversation) and 3-4 committee members who use Open/Honest questions to help the faculty convener gain wisdom, perspective, and deeper understanding of their professional/personal problem of practice.

The Office of Teaching and Learning in collaboration with Paul Michalec from the Morgridge College of Education hosted general training sessions and two P2P full-sessions in 2018-2019. 

Participant Feedback

Faculty participating in the P2P full-sessions in 2018-2019 offered the following thoughts on their experience.


2019-2020 Next Steps

During the 2019-2020 academic year the Office of Teaching and Learning will host three general training/information sessions, once each quarter (dates yet to be determined).  All faculty are invited to attend.  Participation in the general information session does not presume that faculty will host a full P2P session.  The session will provide, however, a complete understanding of the process and potential benefits of faculty participation. 

Complete information (training documents and rationale) are available on the DU Faculty Senate website: https://www.du.edu/facsen/faculty-development/index.html  Additionally, Paul Michalec at paul.michalec@du.edu and Kate Willink at Kate.Willink@du.edu are available for further conversation, resource materials, or questions about the P2P process. 


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